Tune for Tuesday #10 – Miranda Lee Richards, “The Beginner” (a philosophy)

Miranda Lee Richards was yet another artist who, when I saw her CD in Best Buy, I thought looked interesting, so I bought the CD. And thank goodness for that!

Like Neko Case, there is no label that could possibly apply to Miranda Lee Richards. She’s not folk, she’s not alternative, she’s not country. She just is. And she’s amazing.

She’s had two albums, 2001’s “The Herethereafter” and 2009’s “Light of X.” I have them both. And I am semi-patiently waiting for the day when she releases her next album.

If ever one needed or wanted to know what my philosophy in life was, well, this song would be it.


Well….sort of. There’s more to it than just this, but this is certainly part of it.

I’m posting this particular song because so many things have changed for me in the past few months. I feel like it’s a brand new start – beginning again – and, like I hoped with my very first post back in November, things are indeed looking up.

“Well, if you’re never a beginner/How ya ever gonna begin?….I’m improvisin’ as I go along/I got no excuse if it all goes wrong….”

From her 2001 album “The Herethereafter,” this is Miranda Lee Richards. The song is called “The Beginner.”


Taken via my cell phone.  I love the open road.  Such possibilities....
Taken via my cell phone. I love the open road. Such possibilities….

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