A possibility, not a problem

I came to a long-awaited decision last night.

Has to do with writing. (I updated my ‘Works in Progress’ page with the info.)

When I told Mom and my Brothers about my decision, they were very happy for me. In fact, Mom says that, out of everything I’ve ever written, she’s only ever read three things, because that’s all I would let her read.

Three?!? Really?!?

Egad, I’m worse than I thought.

So I told myself I was fine with my decision.

Instead, I was up almost all night. I wasn’t really thinking about my decision, per se; it was more a sort of racing thoughts type of thing, which I’ll have to make a note of and tell Doctor all about. And there was a lot to think about, other than this decision.

But I guess deep down, there were subconscious worries and anxieties about my decision. It was partially about all the work that was going to go into this project, yes, but mostly it was about the reaction from other people.

Dad and my aunt Mary both left me messages via Facebook, telling me they were proud of me. I expect to hear from Older Sister tonight, if not before then. That put me at ease. A little bit.

Then I saw this via a blogger I follow:


And I thought to myself, I’m there.

This decision isn’t going to be a problem.

It’s a possibility.

I shall make it happen. And it will start today.

(Just an FYI – if a similar post shows up two other times, it’s because I was first trying to reblog it from Paulette’s site. Don’t know what happened, but I don’t think the reblog worked.)


2 thoughts on “A possibility, not a problem

  1. Well…I do see parallels between us after all – funny how they come to light – you write easily here, but not for mum, not for dad…..and yet look at you here!

  2. I know. I’ve been trying to change that. Is it too much, what I write here? I wonder. My dad and other family members do read my blog sometimes, though; I know, because my dad starts our phone conversations now with references to various posts.

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