The plain and the able

Two new things, which aren’t really new, but they are coming back into my life.

The ‘plain.’ And the ‘able.’

That’s what I’ve nicknamed the medication(s) I’ll be taking. Yup. Also known as my little cavalry of pills, trotting to the rescue. To a certain degree.

Doctor gave me a prescription for the plain, which I’ll be filling tonight. For the able, he gave me a sample pack, at least to get started. I’ll be starting both medications tomorrow morning.

The plain won’t be the problem. It’s the able that’s expensive. And I do not have any insurance, of any kind. Yes, I am one of the millions of Americans who does not have insurance, because I simply cannot afford it. Though I’m thinking I’ll have to shop around and get some before next year, what with new laws and all.

And, sure enough, this weekend, I’ll have to get blood drawn. Doctor ordered lab work.

Oh great.

Well….gotta do it.

Welcome back, plain and able.


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