Just a few

~ Thank you to everyone who commented on and/or liked “Cherchez La Femme.” I know it needs a lot more work, a lot more thinking, but it’s a start for now. So thank you.

~ C nominated me for a blog award, and I am getting to that! This one is taking a while longer than others. I will get it done and posted soon! No fear.

~ Why oh why are people complaining about the weather?!? It’s early March in Iowa! It’s still winter! There’s the possibility we’re still going to get snow! And we will – 6 to 8 inches by the time the snow stops falling tomorrow night. I know a couple years ago, it was practically summer all March long, but c’mon! Mother Nature – you can never predict her.

This was last week Tuesday; I took this picture while heading to the bus stop after work:


Raining snow! I loved it! I took my hood off and let myself get completely soaked….which, actually, turned out to have been a bad idea, because my coat also got soaked. And cold due to the wind. Oh well. I don’t regret it.

~ On Wednesday, I have the appointment with Doctor to discuss medication(s). I’ll probably be back on medication(s) by this weekend, or else by next weekend. Because Doctor will probably be wanting a baseline blood draw. Which means I’ll probably be having more needle work done this weekend. Oy.

~ Guitar progress report: I now know how to play several songs that are not in my lesson books. I mean, I am nowhere near proficient at them, at all, but I know the chords and I will be practicing them and learning how to play those songs. One of those songs is the Crystal Brandt song that inspired me to sign up for lessons in the first place. I found a couple Neko Case songs, a couple songs by The Wreckers, as well as A Fine Frenzy’s “Blow Away.” Wow! I have a link to a page in my sidebar, UltimateGuitar.com, which is where I found most of the songs. Angie, my guitar instructor, figured out the chords for the Crystal Brandt song for me. So excited! Now all I need to find is a certain Beth Orton song, and I’ll be well on my way!

~ Karen is gone from the office until Friday, so, again, posts may be sporadic this week. Depends on how I feel and what I think of. So. Mail was unusually light last week. I anticipate getting slammed with it today and tomorrow. Great! Well, it’s my job. I can do it.

As they say, “So much to do, so little time!” Yuppers.

And as Tigger says, “TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!”


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