Little things – prayers and a creed to live by

I promised you a picture of the poppy wall art that Mom got from that Signature Homes party. We put it up in our dining room:


It’s pretty!


On a side note, despite outwardly having a good day yesterday – I was with family all day and we were all happy and harmonious, and I had a good guitar lesson – I felt really down yesterday. Well, I had a lot of thinking to do, and I’m still thinking, but it’s a little better now than it was yesterday.

Older Sister, Youngest Brother, and I stopped at the local mall after my guitar lesson and lunch yesterday. Youngest Brother has been looking for a particular video game, and the local mall has a Game Stop store in it, and he wanted to see if they had this game. So Older Sister and I were just browsing while he went to Game Stop. The two of us stopped in Bath & Body Works, and then we went to Victoria’s Secret….where, yes, I bought something, the first and only time I will ever buy something from Victoria’s Secret! (I bought a sleep shirt and lounge pants.)

Then we went to Claire’s. Claire’s is a jewelry and fashion accessory store; they always have the most interesting earrings, and it is where I got my ears pierced, twice. (Going against the whole fear-of-needles thing, I know, but I did it….took ten years between the first and second piercings, but I did it!)

I was actually looking for a plain silver chain on which to put a pendant set.

And here I have to digress, because it is important, but it’ll be short. Since the death of Father Mike, I have taken to wearing a particular pendant set as a necklace. This is what it looks like:


The little crucifix has been mine since….well, either since my First Communion or else since the day I was born – I can’t remember which; a set of grandparents got it for me. The prayer box is more recent; I got the prayer box because of Father Mike’s passing. (Yes, the prayer box can open. And, yes, there is something inside it.)

Well, the chain broke on Friday afternoon. I was changing clothes after work, and the chain caught against my fingers just so and popped apart. There wasn’t even a hope of soldering it back together. I put a paperclip through the pendants, so that I could keep carrying them around with me.

So Older Sister and I stopped into Claire’s in the hopes of finding a plain silver chain.

Didn’t find one. But I did find this picture, on the clearance rack. And it made me smile so much. So I bought it, and it’s now on the wall above my headboard:


A creed to live by.


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