Some photos from the week….

I don’t know why, but despite the routine, I’ve been taking pictures like crazy this week.

Thought I’d share a couple of them.

Mom and Older Sister had a Signature Homes party some weeks ago, and the order finally came in. Mom got a new photo-and-sconce set-up for our living room. And here it is on display:


She got a poppy picture that we’re going to put up in the dining room this weekend, and I’ll get a picture of that, too.

The bare winter trees:


What a difference a week makes.

Monday night:


This morning:


And it’s going to be warm enough that everything will probably be melted away by mid-week. Good, because that means the backyard won’t be a swamp anymore. Sheesh!

And, finally, Older Sister’s hash browns have a smile for you; she actually took this picture, because I told her to:


Well, I thought it was funny.

Have a good one! I’ll try to do better the next post!


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