Just some photos….

On Thursday morning, while I was waiting for the bus to go to work, I noticed there was a ring around the sun. A rainbow ring. And it was there all day….


On Thursday afternoon, walking through the parking lot to the bus stop at work, my gaze turned west, and I stopped. The phrase ‘muted winter light’ came to mind; this picture doesn’t do it justice. We’d just gotten a snowstorm the day before, and by Thursday afternoon, the new-fallen snow had settled into the branches of the trees, and it looked so clear and beautiful in the sun, and there was a slight haze to the scene. Like I said, this picture doesn’t do it justice; my camera isn’t the best camera in certain lights.* It was a sort of ‘you had to be there’ moment. But I got out my camera and took a picture anyway, just to remember (the weird angle is I was trying not to include any parked cars in the shot). I missed a bigger flock of birds flying as I was trying to set up the shot, but there were a couple stragglers, if you look real close.


I’m not a professional photographer – heck, I doubt I’d even qualify as ‘amateur’ – but I just like taking pictures.

Finally, just as an inspirational thing, a mini pink cupcake….with sprinkles!:


And it was goood!

I am still smiling.

Strange, silly, unpretty me.
Strange, silly, unpretty me.

*My digital camera is a Canon PowerShot A3100 IS. Why that specific camera? I can’t remember why I chose it. I think Best Buy had it on sale, and Younger Brother told me it was a pretty good camera so I should just go ahead and get it. So I did.


4 thoughts on “Just some photos….

  1. Dear Mouse,

    Thank you, your post , it is both beautiful and inspiring. Also, I am the biggest cup cake fan and it is pink, wow, I adore it!

    Take care,

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