Daydreaming and hoping (and another song)

Even though on this particular Wednesday I have to work, I thought I’d leave another song for you.

Don’t shoot me. I know not everyone likes ABBA. But I do. I grew up with this band. I can’t help but like them.

This song in particular has always stayed with me. Seen me through. In the past couple days, it’s just given me more hope and inspiration.

I was listening to it yesterday afternoon, on the way home from work, looking out the bus window, through my cut-tissue-paper reflection. Making it so I had to look through myself to see everything and everybody in the big world.

And still it was good.

That’s the dream.

From their 1979 album “Voulez-Vous,” here is ABBA with “I Have A Dream.”

Image found via Google search for ‘daydreaming and hoping’

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