Tune for Tuesday #4 – Ivy, “Undertow”

I’m still here. Just been thinking (a dangerous pasttime, I know).

You’ve been getting a lot of music from me lately, have you noticed? Not that I’m complaining, and hopefully you aren’t, either. Music is life.

I had yesterday off work, on account of it was Martin Luther King Day (yes, the current company is the only place I’ve ever worked for that takes Martin Luther King Day off; once again, not complaining, but it’s just weird). I watched “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans” again. Yes, I suppose I’ve got a ‘crush’ on Nicolas Cage. Wrote a poem about one particular moment in that movie (which I might actually share with you later – needs more work first).

When the movie finished, all of a sudden, I felt the need to hear this CD, so I just popped it into the player and listened to it.

Ivy is one of those bands that I’d never heard of before, but I saw their CD on the rack at Best Buy, and I thought it looked interesting, so I bought it. And thank heavens for that! And especially for this particular song. I could not get past this song at first, because this song is just that amazing. LOVE this song.

Personal opinion, the songs on this album are more suited to the mild days of spring and summer, not really for the dead of winter. But it worked anyway.

From their 2001 CD entitled “Long Distance,” this is Ivy. The song is called “Undertow.”

Image found via Google search for ‘longing gaze.’

Happy listening!


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