After all, ‘crush’ is such a subjective term….

Oh, dear. I mentioned a dreaded ‘c’ word earlier today.



*shrug* It happens.

However, my idea of having a crush on someone probably isn’t the same as everyone else’s idea of having a crush on someone.

Most people would define a crush as ‘a temporary infatuation, not real love, more an emotional affection often resulting in obsession, where one has feelings towards someone for no logical reason.’ Or, to be blunt, ‘puppy love.’



To me, having a crush on someone is just wanting to sit down with that person and talk. About anything. About everything!

That’s it.

That’s the way I’ve always looked at it. More akin to soul searching, I guess.

My crushes are all friendship overtures, not romantic ones.

That said, I’ve had crushes on both men and women, from many walks of life.

*shrug* Talking is as intimate as I’d like to be, I guess.

Because, you know, I really don’t say much out loud. Couldn’t tell you the number of people who in my lifetime have told me, “You should talk more!”

Which just made me write even more!

I’m really not anti-social! It just….takes forever for me to open up.

I know. Perpetually weird.

Seriously, I’m not so naive.

I’m also not uninformed about certain things, either.

So, just, you know, make of all that what you will.

Image found via tumblr, via Google search for....can't remember what.
Image found via Tumblr, via Google search for….can’t remember now.

(I’m actually disinclined to talk about love and romance and all that stuff. And I have reasons.)


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