Poem offering #4 – “Starlight;” and “The Good Kind”

Yay, another poem with a title to it!

This was inspired by a conversation I had with my cousin Kathlyn during the family’s Colorado trip; she was really little at the time, but she was very wise for her age.

And that’s really all there is to that. So here it is.



“Maybe if the moon went down,
the stars would come out,
and then the moon will come back,
and then they’ll be together,
and they won’t go bye-bye.”

“Do you want to fly?”
“Only if I’m Buzz Lightyear.”

In her dreams,
Rocket J. Squirrel and Buzz Lightyear
will fly together.
For now,
she anxiously awaits the tunnel.

“Are you a ghost?”
“I could be.”

Go drift forever.
Float past the shadows,
past the cloth fog, the dust moths,
the embarrassment of victory dances
at baseball games.

“What about the sheep?”
“Bighorn sheep don’t like the dark.”

Sunbeam in the recital,
you’ll be loved, loud and boisterous,
like a raucous crowd.
At your age, I had
already folded, crumpled,
skittered away into the corner.

I have no self-pity.
It’s you I feel sorry for,
that you and those you love
won’t be able to have fun for much longer.

She dreamt she could fly;
instead she woke up screaming
of an ocean drop deep down;
the sunbeams, moonbeams, starlight
can’t penetrate those murky depths.

The night scrutinizes my every move
while the stars coddle to her every wish
because she believes
and I don’t

and we both know it.

“Look! Stars!”
She looked up at the shimmery sky
and burst into tears.

For some reason,
so did I.

(C) by me, Mouse, August/September 2000



On a totally unrelated note, here’s a song. It’s by The Wreckers, which was the duo of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp, from their 2006 album “Stand Still Look Pretty.” The song is called “The Good Kind.”

*shrug* Dunno why. Just because. It’s true enough.


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