Why I blog (sort of)

Busy-ness is over. I said it’d be tomorrow or Friday, but Mom and Older Sister are currently wrapping up a Signature Home party in the living room. I’ve been ‘down’ in the ‘basement’ the whole time, staying out of the way. (Nuala’s hiding here with me, too.)

My brain is also not functioning properly at the moment. Mom said I could still be fighting flu – she heard that, with the current influenza A strain, if someone contracts it, it can take anywhere up to three to four weeks before totally clearing one’s system. And she said that probably holds true if somebody’s just fighting the flu, too (because Mom, my siblings, and I all got flu shots). So, blah! I’ll be feeling down for a little while longer then.

I wanted to mention another blogger named bottledworder. And bottledworder posted something interesting yesterday, entitled “What’s a good blog?” Basically, it’s what bottledworder is looking for in a good blog. It’s an excellent post.

It got me thinking (yes, a dangerous pastime, I know).

I don’t mean to sound self-centered by asking this, but I would honestly like to know – is my blog a good blog?

Well, before you answer that, let me tell you a little about why I blog.

I actually started blogging back in 2005, because of my uncle Larry; he had a blog, and the whole concept intrigued me. My blog was called “Mouse’s Lilypad” then, but I stopped with that blog last June, finally permanently deleting it in October (it’s personal, as to why I quit with it). And I really didn’t intend to ever blog again.

Image found via Google search for blogging - also read the post in the link.
Image found via Google search for blogging – also read the post in the link.

Well, I decided to blog, again, and started this blog back in November. *shrug* I dunno why. I just missed blogging. I know that’s not a good reason, but it is true.

I like to write. About anything. Having a blog helps me with creative writing, in that writing on the blog on a regular basis helps get some thoughts out, so I can also think about new short stories or poems. And it’s been working – the creative writing energy is returning, slowly but surely.

I liked all the people I met before, and hoped to reconnect with some of them and/or meet new people. And I’ve met lots of new people, like C and Gabbie and bottledworder. All the friends I mentioned in the ‘Cast of Characters’ page actually don’t live close by, but the blogging community has people right here, always, and that’s good to know. (Oh, teleute, I miss you so!)

So, knowing that, what about this blog?

Know that I have no agenda. I mean, I will and have planned out some posts before I post them, but most posts are written off-the-cuff (but still with some degree of thought!) and inspired by things that have happened in real life. I’ve got music with the occasional “Tune for Tuesday” post and funny stuff with the occasional “Friday Funny” post. Actually, the only ‘agenda’ type thing I’ve got is what I term the ‘weekly shameless plug,’ in that I try to promote my dad’s Internet radio show.

I hope I don’t talk down to anyone – I’ve been talked down to enough in life, and I don’t want to do so to anybody else.

I will try not to be angry or take any frustrations out here. So anything about politics or religion or bad days on the job, I won’t post about. The only exception to that would be anything about the dual afflictions, but that’ll just be a ‘deal with it as it comes’ type thing. And I’m sorry for those kind of posts, both past and future.

I’m also sorry for writing such long-winded posts! It’s probably a type of compensation – what I lack in verbal skills, I try to make up for in writing skills. It’s always been that way for me, and I apologize for that.

The only hang-up I’ve experienced is, well, interacting with other bloggers, mostly in leaving comments. I couldn’t tell you why, but I just….clam up when it comes to wanting to leave comments or feedback. I’ve tried, but I just haven’t been able to find the right words to express how much a post that I’ve read has meant to me. Yeah, I know, and I call myself a writer. I will leave comments! I will!

Other than that, I just….try to be me.

So, is my blog a good blog?

Let me know. I welcome any and all constructive criticism.

Okay, this WAS me, once - not anymore!
Okay, this WAS me, once – not anymore!

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