The lesson today is, honesty does pay

This week will be weird.

Let me put it this way – one day in particular this week will be weird.

Yeah. Just warning you ahead of time.

I have a story about Friday afternoon I forgot to tell you.

Friday afternoon, Older Sister picked me up from the office building after work. I had to go to the music shop, because my guitar was all fixed up and ready to be picked up.

Greg is the sales associate I’ve seen every time I’ve gone into the music shop. He’s the one who pointed out where the music shop had their lesson rooms; he’s the one who checked in my guitar for its repair work; he’s the one who recommended the right new guitar case and the right humidifier. It helps that he’s funny, too.

So on Friday, to pick up my guitar, I sort of just sought Greg out. He wasn’t busy and was able to help me right away. He knew me, too, so that was cool.

Since he knew me, I didn’t tell him my name.

I guess I should have.

Because the first two trips he made to the back to get the guitar(s), he didn’t come back with my guitar. He had someone else’s both times. And he was like, “Yeah, okay, I know your name is [real name], but I forget your last name! …. About the same time you dropped off your guitar, both of these came in, too.”

Here was me, thinking about how stupid I was:

Image found via Tumblr - click the image for the full effect.
Image found via Tumblr – click the image for the full effect.

The second time, another sales associate told him all that walking was good exercise. And Greg was like, “Well, I am on a diet. I’m drinking weight gain drinks!”

Once he got my guitar, it was all fine. He strummed a few chords on it, declaring it “Like butta!” We got the case and the humidifier, and then everything was ready to check out. So he rang up the repair work ticket, rang up the guitar case; he’d taken the humidifier out of the packaging to show me how to properly put it with the guitar. Then he read me the total.

I asked, “Did you get the humidifier on there, too?”

He looked at the screen and said, “No. I did not.”

So he added the humidifier to the total. And he told me, “You should work here instead of me!”

I told him everyone had been so helpful to me, and I was so grateful for it, and because of that, “I don’t want to gip the store.”

And he said, “I’m going to give you a discount, for your honesty.”

I was like, “No, you don’t have to do that!”

But he did. I got a dollar off the whole entire bill.

See? Honesty does pay.



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