First chord(s) – I’m ready for music!

Last week was my first guitar lesson, but this afternoon will be my first official guitar lesson.

I can’t wait!

I have two reasons for wanting to take guitar – a short reason and a long reason.

The short reason is, some years ago, I heard one particular song by an artist named Crystal Brandt, where it was just her and her guitar, and I was like, “I want to do that!” (I won’t tell you what the exact song was just yet.)

The long reason is Rod Reynolds. You might remember I mentioned Rod back in the Christmas Eve post. When my family and I were members of St. Mary Parish, we were also part of the Emmanuel Choir. Rod was the guitarist for the Emmanuel Choir. Only Rod didn’t just play liturgical music. Outside of church, he could play anything and everything. Ever since knowing Rod, I’ve wanted to learn how to play guitar.

I’m only sorry it took so long to come to fruition.

I’ve actually had two guitars. My first guitar was….sort of a bust. No, hear me out! It was really pretty, a dark cherry wood color, and the pick guard was really interesting, in that it had a design on it. Really cool guitar. However, it wouldn’t stay in tune. A tech found there was a hairline fracture in the neck, which wasn’t easily fixable, and therefore the guitar could never be played again. Eventually, we found out that that particular guitar wasn’t meant to be played – it was more meant to be displayed as wall art.

Oh. Okay. Well.

So my parents got me this guitar instead, a Cort Earth 100:

My guitar - photo taken by me.
My guitar – photo taken by me.

After my lesson last week, it was recommended that I leave it at the music shop for some repair work. I got it back just yesterday, and it’s all in good shape.

It’s ready for the long haul! And so am I!

Here, give a listen (and, yes, that is my real horrible speaking voice):

Angie is my guitar instructor. You’ll see her name a lot when I talk about guitar.

Have to go now – we’ve got some running around to do.


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