Tidbits #1 – Things you might not know about Mouse

Feeling ill. I think Mom was right, when she said I might be coming down with something. I was asleep by quarter to seven last night and, since today was my day off, I woke up by 8:15 this morning. I must’ve really needed sleep.

Also feeling punchy. Just….full of stops and starts.

“A simple purpose.” As I type this, I’m watching “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans.” Fantastic movie. Nicolas Cage, of course. If I said “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” brought a whole new level to him, “Bad Lieutenant” took him straight to the stratosphere. This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve watched this movie. Absolutely amazing movie. Absolutely amazing performance from Mr. Cage. I’d say this is definitely a movie you should see before you die. (More later. Maybe.)

Anyway. I just felt like sharing a couple things with you. Still inspired by kissmeunderthepinkblossomtree. Yes, I’ve only just discovered her blog within the past two weeks, but she has become such an inspiration to me (thank you so, so much, C!). I wish I had her wit and wisdom, because I really don’t.

Anyway. Some cheese nibbles about Mouse:

~ I honestly don’t remember why I decided to use ‘Mouse’ as my nickname. I don’t think it was because of the short story I posted earlier (about Melanie), though it may have been. I think it’s just because it suits my personality best. I am just a little mouse. I mean, I’m hopefully not a nuisance or a pest, like most people think of mice. I’m just small and meek, like a mouse. However, “Mousenomia Tadpole” was just an off-the-cuff ‘pen name’ I came up with one day, and I liked it, so it stuck. If you were wondering about ‘Tadpole,’ yes, frogs are also significant to me, but I can’t reveal exactly why.

Found via Google search for 'frog and mouse.'
Found via Google search for ‘frog and mouse.’

~ The second house my family lived in in Wisconsin (the one right across from the convenience store) was also located along a very busy intersection in the city. It was technically a three-way intersection – there was the street that we lived on, another street alongside the block to the left of our front door, and the third street actually came to an end right at the intersection (believe me, it makes sense). So there were a lot of traffic accidents that happened almost right in our front yard. Also, lots of emergency vehicles would drive by our house at sporadic intervals. My siblings and I learned how to tell the difference between a police car, a fire engine, and an ambulance, just by listening to the siren. No joke. There are differences! We got so good at it, we could probably correctly identify the vehicle in our sleep. Of course, due to relocations and over time, we collectively lost the skill, but every so often, if we’re out and about and we hear approaching sirens, we’ll quiz each other on it.

~ I mentioned the first award I ever won for my writing was when I was in kindergarten. And it was. We were living in Georgia at the time; it was the Mosaic Award. What was the great literary accomplishment of mine? I wrote and illustrated a storybook called “Me and My Kitty.” It was as simple as it sounds – the storyline had moments such as “My kitty plays with a ball of yarn” or “I give my kitty a saucer of milk to drink,” and those examples are pretty much verbatim; I remember making the book. My teachers loved it. So much so that, when they met with Mom and Dad for a parent-teacher conference, they asked what our family cat’s name was. And Mom and Dad said, “We don’t have a cat. We’ve never had a cat.” And the teachers’ eyes all bugged out of their heads, and their jaws fell to the floor. (Yeah, Mom and Dad love to tell that story; we didn’t have a family pet of any kind until we were living in Wisconsin.) Only thing is, I do not have that storybook. I’ve actually never had that storybook, not since I finished making it and the teachers entered it into the writing contest. It won me first prize for my age level, yes, but neither I nor my parents ever got the storybook back. Sad but true.

funny child with kitten in gift box

~ I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke. I do not take drugs. I never have. I never will. Here’s why. When I was five years old, one of my relatives developed a drug problem (the relative is since clean and sober; an exact identity will forever be withheld). I remember Mom getting a phone call with news about the relative. What Mom told us kids was “[The relative] is hooked on drugs.” And the very vivid image my five-year-old mind conjured up was that of a huge heavy iron fishhook snagged clean through my relative’s cheek and my relative’s dead weight hanging from it. Gave me nightmares; no, I did not just make that up. Ever since then, I vowed never to drink alcohol, never to start smoking, and never take any drugs. And I haven’t. And I won’t. So don’t even ask.

~ However, it is possible to get drunk on caffeine, as my cousin Gina and I proved one memorable summer evening. In less than an hour, maybe even less than half an hour, we each had four sodas apiece, and cake and ice cream. Normally it was Younger Brother and my cousin Brian causing all the ruckus, but not that evening. It was a riot! And, I kid you not, Gina and I both had hangovers the next morning.

~ Another caffeine-related anecdote: for the longest time, I refused to drink Coke products. I have since relented and will drink Coke products on occasion, but I mostly drink and prefer Pepsi products. There is a reason….but I think I’ll just leave that up to your imagination for the time being.

~ I am not a big fan of chocolate. *shrug* I’m just not. I never really have been. Yeah, you would not believe the incredulous looks I get from people when I tell them that. I guess people think that, since I’m female, I couldn’t live without it. That doesn’t mean I hate chocolate and have sworn off it. I don’t and haven’t. It’s just, I only like it every now and then. You know? Every now and then, I just NEED chocolate. And when I do, it can ONLY be plain milk chocolate, like Hershey bars. Not a fan of dark chocolate – I just think it’s a little too bitter. White chocolate is okay once in a blue moon, but it’s too buttery to me, and I can’t eat it plain – it has to be mixed with some other chocolate. And as for stuff like hazelnut chocolate (like Nutella) or other flavored chocolates – no. Well, except for mint chocolate. Mint chocolate is good. And mint hot chocolate is even better. You want to know the best and easiest way to make mint hot chocolate? Just let a candy cane dissolve in the hot chocolate. Easy and yummy. (Only in winter.)

~ You’d actually never know I used to bite my nails. Yeah, I did. Don’t know why, but I did. I’d bite at them ’til they bled. Then, one day, I just stopped doing it. Apparently, no one would ever have known. In my senior year of high school, a girl once asked me off the cuff, “Are those your real nails?” I said “Yes.” I think she thought I was lying, but I wasn’t. I’m not one for manicures, so, yes, those were and are my real nails.


~ Oh, that’s another thing. I’m relatively low-maintenance. I know what I look like. Nothing is going to make me beautiful. And it took me a long time to accept that about myself. So I’m not one for nail treatments or spa visits or any sort of plastic surgery or anything of the sort. I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to looks. Why can’t people just accept aging and change and the way they look? The Lord blessed me with these looks for a reason. Who am I to go against nature? So I’m a wash-and-go kind of girl. At most, it takes me twenty minutes to get ready in the morning. However, on Saturday nights, I do some ‘beautifying,’ nothing really special; it’s more out of routine now than anything.

~ I do not wear makeup. At all. Ever. I’m actually allergic to it. No, really, my face will break out – it’ll get all itchy and red. So what you see is absolutely what you get. Quoting Kate Winslet again – “This is me, like it or lump it.”

~ Youngest Brother and I have a penchant for memorizing and repeating dialogue from various movies, TV shows, and cartoons. And we can get pretty obscure, too. And our lapses into repeating dialogue usually occur without any preamble or warning. It either annoys or astounds everyone else in the family, and that is usually expressed as follows: “Oh my god! How can you remember that?!? We haven’t seen that in years!” Dunno why – we just have a knack for it. Here, try to identify this bit: “Oh, well, in that case – HELP! HELP! In!Cre!Di!Bully! Stupid! Swamp! Monster! Oh, HELP!” We only saw this particular cartoon once. Yup. Only once. Haven’t see it since. But we remember that. And don’t even get me started on the bunny rabbits…. (No, I’m really not going to tell! You have to guess!)

~ I have been told, by many a discerning Iowa resident, that I am obviously not from Iowa. Oh? How do you figure? Because I have a Wisconsin accent. ?????? I honestly don’t know what they’re hearing. During my formative years, yes, I did live in Wisconsin, but I also lived in Illinois and Georgia for some time when I was younger. So it wouldn’t all be a Wisconsin-based accent. Heck, about all I can detect of any Wisconsin influence in my speech patterns is I still occasionally call a drinking fountain a ‘bubbler.’ Only never out loud; the word just pops up in my head. To me, I just….sound like me. So I really don’t know what these discerning Iowa residents are on about. Eh. Yah hey der, dontcha know?

So. There you go. Just a little bit more about me.


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