Tune for Tuesday #2 – Dueling moods (a two-fer)

Image found via Google search for 'changing moods.'
Image found via Google search for ‘changing moods.’

I have to apologize. These past couple days have been a major rollercoaster, starting first with this past Saturday and going right through today so far. Could possibly be for the rest of the week.

I dunno. Maybe. Can’t tell anymore.

I’ve wanted to talk, about anything, but I don’t really have anyone to talk to. Made mute, I’ve been sort of….listless. Aimless. Thinking it’s all so pointless.

Mom just thinks I’m still fighting a possible onset of flu, because it is going around.

I dunno. Maybe. What with the ‘sickness’ I have….

Oops, sorry, I forgot….

You might notice that the Tune for Tuesday format has changed, in that I’m only going to post the song now, instead of a video. Yeah, wish I’d figured that out before, saved myself some trouble; some Youtube videos can’t be embedded into blog posts. Well, I know now.

(Just so you know, all the music I have posted and will ever post was all legally obtained. No copyright infringement or anything of the sort is intended, at all.)

I won’t lie – these are gonna be strange moods.

First, a song by Emmy Rossum, called “Slow Me Down” (from her debut album “Inside Out,” released in 2007):

And second, a song by Nina Storey, called “Crown” (from her album “Shades,” released in 2000):

Like Eliza Carthy’s “Wildwood,” both these songs have been part of my personal soundtrack from the moment I first heard them. Nina Storey’s song is amazing and has some killer lines that ring true to me, while Emmy Rossum’s song is one I like and think is pretty.

Is there a correlation between these two songs?

I dunno. Maybe.

Might be lightness and darkness. Hopeful and hopeless.

But which is which?

You know? I don’t feel like talking anymore at the moment.


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