Oh, to heck with it….

Wholly inspired by another blogger, kissmeunderthepinkblossomtree, for several reasons – mainly if she isn’t ashamed of herself, then why the heck should I be? – and my apologies for angering and/or horrifying any family members who may be reading this and who think I’m crazy to have done this….

….appropriately cropped from a photo taken by an acquaintance….

….and indeed wholly thinking, “Oh, to heck with it”….

….this is me:


Oh, heck, heck, HECK!

Returning you to the regularly scheduled weirdness next time.


3 thoughts on “Oh, to heck with it….

  1. You have put a big smile on my face. When I joined this site,I wanted to inspire people and show my true self,I used to be ashamed and sometimes insecure,and because I am human, I still have times when I feel that way. You have such a beauiful soul to write such a lovely comment. I am so proud of you! All the best,Caterina x

  2. Reblogged this on kissmeunderthepinkblossomtree and commented:
    I am so honoured to have such a beauiful lady write a lovely post and include me in it! I joined this site to share my stories and show who I truly am. We are all beauiful and we all have gifts. I feel so inspired and blessed. Thank you so much! x

  3. Why on EARTH would you feel worried about posting a photo of yourself? Well actually I know exactly why, I felt EXACTLY the same when I first took the plunge and did it too 🙂 It’s great to put a face to the blog, thanks for posting it!

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