A late Funny….*SIGH*….for a reason….

Yeah, I know, it’s Saturday, not Friday.

And I really wasn’t planning on doing this, but Youngest Brother sort of….insisted that I do it. And today of all days – he insisted I post it today.

So, before the day really gets going, here it is.

(Many thanks to Youtube user kaos4077 for the video.)

It’s Binky the Clown’s birthday song. Binky was looking for Edna Fogerty, if I remember the cartoon correctly, but he got Garfield’s address instead.

This was another cartoon where Youngest Brother and I literally fell to the floor laughing the first time we saw it. And it’s still freakin’ funny as hell.

There is a reason for my posting this. But you’re not gonna hear it from me. It’s just another day.


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