The Plinky New Year’s Resolutions Prompt

Today’s post is exactly what it sounds like, for the Plinky prompt reads as follows:

“What are your New Year’s resolutions?”


Once again, I don’t have any. I have never made any New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t intend to start now.

A couple days ago, I actually posted the reason why.

For my creative writing final for first semester in my junior year of high school, I wrote a story simply titled “New Year’s Eve.” It was about a girl who took a long, introspective walk around a lake on New Year’s Eve. In the story, the girl has had quite the year, and is taking the walk to try to figure everything out. She talks aloud to herself throughout the walk, as if she was speaking to someone else. She states that she doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, because she just doesn’t believe in the concept of a resolution. When forced to make a resolution, like for a school essay, she usually just resolved to be herself, each and every year.

But she realizes that just being herself is the most unrealistic New Year’s resolution of them all….because by year’s end, she finds she’s always changed.

For all intents and purposes, even though certain names and situations and events were creatively changed, “New Year’s Eve” was a true story.

Remember the post I wrote about all the houses my family and I have ever lived in? And how, when we were living in the Chicago suburb, we lived along a lake?

I took a walk one New Year’s Eve around that very lake. I spoke out loud, as if I was speaking to someone else. I came to certain realizations that night. And I just wrote it into a story. (I do not intend to post “New Year’s Eve,” ever, for several reasons, the main reason being that walk turned out to be another ‘last breath of innocence’ type moment. But there’s no need to talk about that, eh.)

That whole not believing in New Year’s resolutions has not changed for me.

So I don’t have any. Zip. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

I do, however, have plans for the new year.

And I also have promises for the new year.

I’m not about to reveal anything now. I’ll have to see how it goes first.

Looking forward. Isn’t that what the new year is all about?

Happy New Year. I hope 2013 is as bright a year as it can be for all.

Summer 2007 056


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