And, finally, a gift that keeps on giving….

The final post of 2012.

Here’s my typical work schedule, in case you were wondering: I work from 9 am to 3 pm, four days a week. From 9 to noon, I work upstairs, mainly doing mail and other projects, and once a week, I handle the supply inventory. From noon to 12:30 is my lunch break. From 12:30 to 3, I work downstairs in the records department. At 3, I’m done, but with the colder weather I have to wait in the cafeteria for half an hour before it’s safe for me to go outside to wait for the bus.

So, you know, that’s my day.

I suppose I could give you some names. My current supervisor is named Karen. Downstairs in the records department, there is Cheryl, Diane, Elvie, older Michelle, younger Michelle, and Elizabeth. These are about the only people I deal with on a daily basis. Everyone else is just sort of….there. You know?

Anyway. This morning happened. Lunch happened. Then came the afternoon, and working down in records.

I sorted through the department’s mail, like usual. Then Cheryl had a copy job for me to do until Elizabeth returned from lunch; Elizabeth had a project for me and Elvie to do this afternoon. Which was fine. The project entailed pulling certain folders from certain stored files for scanning purposes; sorry I can’t be more specific than that.

It took Elvie and me about an hour to pull the folders that were on the list, because the lektrievers that the company has are quite temperamental.

(Lektrievers are actually hard to describe; the above photo is almost exactly what my company’s lektrievers look like, the floor-to-ceiling kind.)

Wouldn’t you know, just as Elvie and I were finishing the list….

I must have flexed or moved my right wrist wrong.


When I was younger, I put my hand through a window. The cut was about an inch from the artery, and it also severed certain nerves and tendons. I got five to seven stitches to the wound, and the stitches were taken out about a week later. I’ve still got a nice scar on my wrist from the incident; this is weird but, to this day, if you touch the scar just right, I will feel a dull but unpleasant pins-and-needles type feeling. Yeah, I did a number on it, I guess.

When I was about a sophomore in high school, several years after the injury, I started having unexplainable pains in my right wrist. It wasn’t a constant pain – it was more like flare-ups every now and then, that kind of ‘changing with the weather’ type of pain that grandparents tend to go on about. You know, when they’re like ‘Oh, I can feel it in my bones.’ I bought braces for my wrist, to wear in case of such flare-ups. About a week and a half before I went off to college for the first time, I was officially diagnosed with tendonitis in my right wrist. And, sure enough, the doctor deduced it came about due to that old injury.

So, today, I somehow incited my recurring tendonitis.

Go flippin’ figure!

So I’ve got a brace on right now.

Actually, I don’t just wear one brace. I wear two. Yeah, one just doesn’t give me the support I need anymore. So I sort of layer a couple braces, nice and snug.


Here’s one brace:


And here’s the other:


I know it looks either silly, stupid, or painful – or all of the above – but, believe me, it works. It keeps my wrist immobile, enough to alleviate the pain.

No, I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s recurring tendonitis.

Though I did actually have one co-worker at an old job who, upon seeing my wrist wrapped up like this for the first time, sort of brayed out a laugh and asked me, “What’d you do, try to commit suicide?”

*SIGH* It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re out and about this New Year’s Eve, for celebrations and whatnot, please be safe and careful. Have a great evening, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and I’ll see you next year!


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