Like I said before, I am left-handed.

Here’s a couple things about my being left-handed.

I use scissors with my left hand. When I was really little, my teachers all used to complain about my skill with scissors. The notation on my report cards would read, “[Mouse] really needs to work on cutting within the lines.” And nobody felt the need to invest in left-handed scissors just for my benefit. So I cannot use left-handed scissors. Period. Nowadays, that sort of throws people off. I can only use right-handed scissors, but I cut left-handed. Hey, whatever works, I guess. And I nipped the ‘staying within the lines’ problem in the bud, all on my own.

It never bothered me that things like notebooks and rulers essentially favored right-handed people. Heck, I never even noticed. I do have several left-handed notebooks, which are a real scream. But it really doesn’t matter, whether it’s a right- or left-handed notebook – as long as I can write in it. And, anyway, the ink still smears at times. Can’t be helped.

That’s not to say I don’t ever favor my right hand. Because I do. During a meal where it it necessary to cut up meat, I can only use the knife in my right hand. In school, I’d always raise my right hand when I raised my hand in class. And when we kids were little and would play baseball/softball/tee ball, I adopted a right-handed batting stance.

Strange but true.

But here’s what stops most people.

Most people, left- or right-handed, hold a writing utensil like so:


I do not.

I did promise you a picture, so here it is:


This is how I hold a writing utensil.

This is how I have always held a writing utensil, since day one.

(I told you it was hard to describe.)

And when people see this, they are amazed. They’re like “How can you hold your pencil like that?!?”

I don’t know. I just do.

A couple people have told me that it looks uncomfortable.

It’s not.

At times, it does annoy me when people make a big deal about how I hold a pencil. Because I sure as heck don’t do it for attention.

It gets the job done….


And, yes, I did have a teacher in elementary school who tried to force me to change my grip. Thank goodness that only lasted the one class period. And, yes, there were tears involved – because he called me out on it in front of the whole class, which was kind of embarrassing.

Oh, I almost forgot! One more picture:

My 'autograph,' as it were.
My ‘autograph,’ as it were.

That is the extent of my drawing abilities – the little mouse.

Just felt like sharing.


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