Short story offering #2 – “Melanie the mouse”

In running a quick errand to the pharmacy yesterday after work, I became inspired to post this old short story.

More after the story. Here it is.



You shouldn’t have asked her “Are you still with us?” Of course she isn’t. She shrank back into her other world as she slid down in her seat. Her hoarse whispered “Yes” didn’t reveal embarrassment or agreement. It was a confirmation of what she already knew: “Yes, I am no longer still with you.”

She was the only person in the world who scrutinized a pool of oil. “Maybe the car is melting.” The colors in the oil were the ones she saw in her other world. Soft metallic pink, purple, orange, blue, white, green, black, and yellow. What struck her was no matter how many times she hosed down the driveway, the colors always came back.

In the warm rug of her world, the dream-thread fibers wove tightly together, blanketing her in black. The oil colors would spin, the stars in her night sky, putting on a kaleidoscope show.

There was no red in her other world. Red was anger. Red was the real world, eluding her grasp; a fine fabric that was unraveling in her hands.

She was neither the Mad Hatter, nor the March Hare. She wasn’t even Alice. She was the Dormouse awakened from naive jelly slumber. The tea in her real world teapot got too hot, boiling, scalding her red. She scurried back to her hole in the wall and never emerged again.

(C) by me, Mouse, November 1998


Image found via Google search for 'oil on a driveway.'
Image found via Google search for ‘oil on a driveway.’

Actually, there’s not much to tell about it. I’d had the idea, long ago, to write a story about a girl named Melanie. This story wasn’t the whole idea….more an off-shoot of that idea.

Yeah, have you ever noticed the color red is not in an oil puddle? That was the inspiration behind this story anyway. Strange but true.


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