Meet the Pets

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and is looking forward to a good New Year’s.

I thought today, I’d introduce you to my and Older Sister’s pets.

PICTURE TIME! And all photos were taken by me. And most of the pets are camera-shy….or, at least, they just don’t like the camera.

Here goes!

This is my cat Nuala:


This is Muirne, our German shepherd/terrier mix dog:


Here are our two parakeets, Mali and Little Blue:


Now, here are Older Sister’s pets.

This is Jasper, her coonhound/beagle mix dog:


This is her cat Teag:


And this is her cat Camille:


Muirne, Jasper, Teag, and Camille were all shelter pets that we adopted. We got Nuala from a friend of Mom’s at work. And Mali and Little Blue came from the pet store.

We love them all.

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