Plinky Favorite Holiday Prompt

This’ll be the first post on this new blog that answers the Plinky prompt. I used to do this every now and then on the old blog.

Today’s Plinky prompt reads as follows:

“What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?”

Now, one would think with it being the Christmas season, my favorite holiday would be Christmas.

Well, Christmas is a good holiday. But it isn’t my favorite.

My favorite holiday is actually Halloween.

And not for any obvious reasons.

It’s actually hard to describe why.

As my mind is sort of, um, messed up right now – it’s been a strange day – I really can’t even start to try to describe why. And, believe me, I tried. The ‘Backspace’ button on the keyboard has taken a lot of abuse right about now.

But, yes, my favorite holiday is Halloween.

Image found via Google image search for “Halloween”

Ugh. Can’t talk anymore. Sorry about that. More later.


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