Poem offering #2 – “untitled #2”

Okay, I misled you. Again. I said it would probably be tomorrow, but it’s going to be today.

Lucky you – two posts in one day.

Have to share with you the story behind this poem before I share the poem with you.

My relatives used to have annual family get-togethers. Usually, they rented a couple houses out in North Carolina and headed out there for a week or two during the summer months. Older Sister and Younger Brother once went with them, as a shared graduation gift.

In August 2000, the relatives had the family get-together out west, in Colorado. Specifically, Winter Park, Colorado, at the Gandy Dancer Lodge. And I got to go with them for the week and a half that they were there.

One of the best things about that trip was the whitewater rafting expedition we all went on. Now, we didn’t go on one of those ‘rapids a minute’ rafting trips, as some of my cousins were really little at the time. The whitewater tour we took had maybe two, three instances of whitewater rapids, and only one of those instances were even remotely wild and crazy. It was really awesome, regardless.

We were split up into groups, on like two or three rafts. My cousin Gina, my second cousin Melissa, and I were inseparable throughout the whole Colorado trip, so we were on one raft, along with Pop, great-uncle Paul, and a couple other relatives. The guide on our raft looked very much like Alice Cooper. No, I’m not kidding. And it was his fault he got us all singing “Yellow Submarine” – he started it.

About three-quarters of the way through the trip, the guide turned to us on the raft and said, “Last chance. Anybody want to take a dip?”

He meant jumping into the Colorado River.

And so, Gina, Melissa, and I jumped in.

Hence this poem – the very moment I was underneath the water.


This blue is not cold
This blackness is not death
Stinging and sweet
This is purification
A baptism
Light as a dove
Even through closed lids
I could see the sunshine

(C) by me, Mouse, August 2000


Image found via a Google search for 'Colorado River.'
Image found via a Google search for ‘Colorado River.’

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