An extra Funny, from Friday

I think I mentioned at the start of the week that I would have had Friday (yesterday) off of work, due to the fact that current supervisor and the entire staff of the other department I assist were not going to be in the office yesterday. So, yeah, I had yesterday off.

And it was a good day.

Well, mostly.

Woke up to a beautiful, cold, clear morning here in the city.

The back yard, in all its wintry glory.
The back yard, in all its wintry glory.

My plans included going shopping at the local mall. And that was about it.

So I got some shopping done at the mall. Stopped in at Hot Topic, which I haven’t done in forever. I love Hot Topic, and I don’t get there nearly as often as I should. Found the coolest shirt ever. And, of course, I had to buy it:

Isn't it GORGEOUS!
Isn’t it GORGEOUS!

I may be a perpetual girl, but I am also somewhat of a Goth girl deep down. *shrug* Happens. (I’m actually wearing that shirt right now, as I type this.)

Anyway. Getting to the Funny.

The bus was supposed to come by the mall by 12:50. But what I didn’t realize, and didn’t read carefully on the bus schedule, is that there are three specific bus routes that go through the mall. And they all almost arrive at the mall at the same time.

So I hopped onto the bus at about 12:50, thinking it was the bus that would take me back to the transportation center; I would then catch the 1:20 bus that drives by my street, and I’d be home by 1:30-ish.

Well….I hopped onto the wrong bus. Which route did not go immediately to the transportation center – it went all the way out to the neighboring city’s Wal-Mart. Oops! My bad! Like I said, I didn’t read the schedule carefully.

Besides, I know the bus routes. I had another out. All the busses that service the mall get back to the transportation center via one of the city’s main drags. And there were a couple side streets off of the main drag that are really close to my street. So I was just going to get off the bus at one of the side streets and just walk the rest of the way home. I mean, yeah, it was cold, but I was all ‘Nanook of the North’ again, and the wind wasn’t screaming like it had been on Thursday, so it wouldn’t be that awful bad a walk. And, hey, I’d be home by 2:00, which is the latest I’d told Mom I’d be home.

….But wouldn’t you know? The moment I stepped off the bus and attempted to step over the snow drift on the curb, my foot got caught on something I know not what.

And I took an undignified sprawl into the snow.


Yeah, that’s almost what it looked like. The moment it happened, it really wasn’t funny. But I was laughing about it after about half a block of walking. The only thing I hurt was my pride.

Well, at least, I thought I hadn’t hurt anything else. Last night, a huge bruise started blossoming on my left knee. It hurts to the touch this morning. It’ll probably go pretty deep.

*SIGH* Way to cap off the perfect day off, huh?

Ha. ‘Knee.’ ‘Cap.’ See what I did there?

Enjoy the weekend! Might be back with a poem tomorrow. Never know.


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