In the bleak mid-winter….

….even though winter officially starts tomorrow.

The city that I live in only got about five to seven inches of snow total. But practically the moment the sun went down this afternoon, the winds really picked up. I’ve got an awning covering my bedroom window, and it is just rattling like crazy. Winds are 30+ mph, sustained, with gusts between 40 and 50 mph. And that will probably be continuing well into tonight, maybe even into tomorrow morning.

That means no sleep for me tonight.

Well, thank goodness I’m off work tomorrow.

And we’ll be lucky we still have a west side to the house by tomorrow, with the wind as vicious as it is; the way it’s blowing, and listening to the awning and siding banging and creaking, I’m surprised the wall hasn’t already caved in on itself.

PICTURE TIME! And all photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted.

This is a view of our backyard earlier this morning:


These next two pictures were taken on my way home from the bus stop after work this afternoon. By that time, the snow had stopped, and all except the wind was relatively calm.

This first picture is a view west down our street:


And this is the east view:


Hence the ‘bleak mid-winter’ bit.

Oh, and just a little rant here. Whose brilliant idea was it to start naming winter storms?!? We just suffered through Winter Storm Draco! Seriously?!? The only storms that should ever be named are hurricanes! Next thing you know, people will want to start naming tornadoes! And there aren’t enough names in the English language to go around when it comes to tornadoes! Sheesh!

Oh, and Younger Brother was kind enough to take this photo of me, which I have edited appropriately:

Nanook of the North.
Nanook of the North.

This is what I meant when I said I bundle up. I’ve got the coat, the hood, the scarf, the boots, and the pair of mittens, but what you can’t see is I also have a pair of gloves on underneath the mittens. Plus, I was dressed really warmly for work in the first place.

And I really honestly do not care if people think I look stupid like this.

The wind was screaming by day’s end, and people at work were bitching and complaining about how cold it was, but they were all in thin coats and blazers, with no headgear or gloves whatsoever. Meanwhile, I had to wait for the bus, outside, for about fifteen, twenty minutes, and my fingertips didn’t even get cold.

Nanook of the North! Booyah!


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