Winter is a-roarin’ in….

I know it’s really late, but here it is.

To quoth Monty Python, “And now for something completely different….”

We’re in for a rude winter awakening here in IA….


Well, it is winter time. In IA. What’d you expect?

And, hey, it’s going to be just in time for the official start of winter.


Although, to be completely honest, I do much better in cold weather than in warm weather. I could never live somewhere like California or Arizona, or even in the South again. I absolutely wilt in hot weather. At least with winter weather, you can layer. Yup. I don’t care how stupid people think I look – in the winter, I go all ‘Nanook of the North,’ and I bundle up, and at least I’m warm. In the summer heat….um….I can only take so much off. You know? That’s silly of me to say, but it’s true.

Remind me to check with current supervisor tomorrow about the office’s, um, “snow day” policy. Not like I’m hoping the office will close, because I’m not, but it’d be good to know, just in case.

(Just an FYI, and the reason for my saying it’s “something different”: this is my first-ever audio post. I recorded the above audio from tonight’s local newscast with my brand-new Sony IC recorder. Yes, I am a writer, but sometimes I don’t always have a pencil and paper handy; a recorder works in a pinch. So I’m armed now! And, yes, if you listen carefully, that is me reacting to the forecast in the background.)


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