Flexibility, and in a circle

I had said I wasn’t quite sure how to categorize the current company I work for.

Well, I’ve since been told it would be considered insurance.

Which is where where I started, job-wise. Working in insurance.

Circular, huh?

Anyway, my current supervisor approached me this morning, wanting to know about getting my schedule set up for the holidays, to ensure that I get all my hours.

As you may recall, I work part-time, 9 am to 3 pm, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and I have every Wednesday off.

Current supervisor and I worked out a different schedule for the remainder of the year.

As I am done with work for today (Monday), for the rest of this week, I will work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I’ll be taking Friday off. This is because both current supervisor and the entire staff of the other department I assist will be gone all day Friday. I would literally have nothing to do on Friday, which would not be a good thing, for the company or for me.

Next week is Christmas, which falls on Tuesday. I will be working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week.

As well as the week after, with New Year’s.

So, essentially, we have it set in stone now that, if a holiday were to fall on a day that I would normally work, I would go in to work on Wednesday, to make sure I get all my hours for any given week.

Current supervisor told me she appreciates that I can make my schedule so flexible.

Well, yeah. I like the job. Whatever’s going to work.

Work, balance, focus


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