Friday Fizzgig Funny

Posting early today. Never know. I might have another post later on today. The energy to write is massive. I woke up practically shaking with it, which hasn’t happened in a long time, actually….

*SIGH* Okay. Let me put it this way. I do have lots of writing energy lately. And most of it has been aimed at somebody in particular. And I have already written about him.

But not now. Maybe later. Still working on it.

Shameless plug – Become one of the chosen. Join the mercurial stranger, DJ Mozo, in The Seventh House tonight, 8 to 10:30 pm EST, on Tenacity Radio. Most likely, I will be listening in tonight as well. If you stumble upon the site’s chat feature as you listen, you’ll know who to look for.

Now, on to the Funny.

On my old blog, I had a feature I called ‘Friday Funny.’ Basically, I would post things that I think are funny – jokes, pictures, videos, etc. And I try to keep it family-friendly, posting mainly cartoons or a comic strip like “Garfield” or “Calvin and Hobbes.” So.

Actually this time around, I don’t think I’ll post a Funny every week. Or else I’ll end up repeating myself. ‘Cause I did on the old blog.

Anyway, for the first Friday Funny on this new blog, here’s a short scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, “The Dark Crystal.” It really needs no further explanation.

Haven’t we all have moments like this?

(Many thanks to Youtube user BrandonNyte for the video.)

Fizzgig spazzy tantrum. Never gets old.

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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