Just the nativity

Today was my day off, and my mother also had today off. So we spent most of the morning putting the interior Christmas decorations up in the living room. I say ‘most of the morning,’ because we also had to do a little unexpected rearranging of furniture to accommodate a place for all the decorations. Mom and I also got Younger Brother’s light-up deer decoration set up outside.

Youngest Brother woke up not long after Mom and I finished decorating/rearranging, and deemed our work “very festive.” Younger Brother’s take on our handiwork will wait until later on this evening….if he even notices in the first place. (snerk.)

Maybe I’ll post more pictures later.

But what I really wanted to show you was this:


It’s my mother’s nativity scene. She doesn’t remember when, exactly, she got it; she thinks it was most likely not long after she married Dad, so it would have been like a ‘first married Christmas together’ present. I can’t tell you any more specifics than that, as the box it came in is fairly old, heavily taped to keep it in proper storage shape, and all printed information on it basically faded beyond reading.

When I was little, this nativity scene was always the last decoration we unpacked at season’s start and the first decoration we put away upon the season’s end. It always sat in honor atop the family’s piano. Almost daily during the Christmas season, I would gaze upon it for long moments at a time. I kid you not. I would gently take hold of and look at each individual figurine for a long time, and then carefully put each figurine right back where my mom had placed it. When I was little, this is how I pictured the scene would have really looked at the manger upon the birth of Jesus. It’s captivated me all these Christmases. There is just a….a realism to it, more so than any other nativity depiction I’ve ever seen. I can’t describe it any better than ‘It’s real.’ It’s real. It’s simple, it’s sparse, and it’s beautiful, and it’s real.

It isn’t Christmas without my mother’s nativity scene on display. It is my most favorite of all of our family’s holiday decorations.

And I just felt like sharing it with you. For, you know, ’tis the season.


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