“This is me – like it or lump it.”*

* Post title is a quote courtesy of actress Kate Winslet.

A new month. The last month of 2012. How time flies.

But it occurred to me that we have not been properly introduced.

How rude of me.

Allow me to remedy that situation:

~ My name is Mousenomia Tadpole. Yes, for purposes of this blog, that is my real name. But you can call me Mouse for short.

~ I am the second-born of four children. I have an older sister and two younger brothers. My mother and my father divorced about ten years ago. I don’t care what age a person is – when the parents divorce, it hurts. But that’s neither here nor there.

~ I’m older than you might think, but not necessarily so. When I was younger, I always felt older than kids my age, hence my insisting I was never “that age.” But things happened between now and then, and that notion has sort of reversed itself. I am not in denial about growing older. I’m not immature, but I’m not quite mature for my age, either. So my deeming myself a ‘perpetual girl’ is not really meant to be clever or funny on my part. It is the honest truth.

~ Physically, I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I wear glasses (I will never wear contact lenses). I am about 5’4”, maybe 5’5”. Anyone else would consider me to be overweight, and I have tried several times to lose some weight, but I ended up getting really sick whenever I got below a certain weight level. As I’ve been more or less the same weight for several years now (give or take a pound or two….or five….), it’s obviously a healthy weight for me. So deal with it.

~ I am not married. Never have been. Most likely never will be. I have never had a boyfriend before, ever. I am not a lesbian. I do not have any children, either, and most likely never will. So, yes, I am still a virgin. No more questions on this at this time, thank you.

~ Save for a nine-month stint in the state of Georgia, I have lived in the Midwest my whole life – namely Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. I do currently live in Iowa, but Illinois is and always will be home, wherever I may roam. I’ve become fond of saying, “All roads lead to Illinois,” because it’s true, in more ways than one.

~ When my siblings and I were younger, the family relocated. A lot. It was all job-related. And it wasn’t always gradual. In fact, Older Sister and I both attended three different high schools during our four years of high school.

~ All that relocating largely attributed to my personality (though it wasn’t the only thing). I could best be described as shy and withdrawn. There is a difference between ‘shy and withdrawn’ and ‘cold and aloof,’ okay? I am not a cold person. It’s not in my nature. It just takes a while for me to open up when meeting new people. I express myself better writing-wise, which is why this blog is ideal (more on writing in a bit).

~ I am currently employed at a….well, I don’t quite know how to describe the company I’m currently working for. Let’s just leave it at “I am currently employed.” For now, it’s a part-time job – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm, with Wednesdays off.

~ Older Sister works at a local law firm. Younger Brother is a driver for a local wheelchair transportation company. Mom and Youngest Brother work at a local bank. Dad works in insurance.

~ Dad is also a well-known progressive Internet DJ. Goes by the name of “DJ Mozo.” His radio show is called “The Seventh House,” and can be heard every Friday night from 8 to 10:30 pm EST (which is 7 to 9:30 CST, 6 to 8:30 mountain time, and 5 to 7:30 California time – just so everyone is covered) on the Tenacity Radio network.

The logo of "The Seventh House."
The logo of “The Seventh House.”

~ I have a cat named Nuala (pronounced ‘noo-la’) and a German Shepherd/terrier mix dog named Muirne (pronounced ‘moor-na’). I also have two parakeets named Mali and Little Blue. Mali is yellow-and-green colored; you can guess what color Little Blue is.

~ Older Sister also has two cats and a dog. Her two cats are named Camille and Teag (pronounced like ‘league’), and her dog is a coonhound/beagle mix named Jasper.

~ I do not have a car. I do not even have a driver’s license. Like Sarah Vowell, and quoting Sarah Vowell, “I have a phobia.” Public transportation and the occasional ride from a family member suits me just fine.

~ As mentioned above, I express myself better through writing. So I write. No, let me rephrase that – I love to write. I LOVE TO WRITE! Creative writing is my life. I’ve been writing since, well, ever since I knew how. As I say in the ‘About Mouse’ section, “Stories, poems, and lyrics are my dream,” and that’s the honest truth, too. The first award I ever won for my writing was in kindergarten, and it’s just been up from there. I have been writing short stories and poems ever since; I kept an almost daily journal for about ten years; and I have taken part in National Novel Writing Month every year since 2006, and have won twice. Getting professionally published is actually not the ultimate goal. It’s just something I like to do. Maybe on this blog, I will post certain short stories and poems. But that’ll be later, if at all.

~ That said, I am left-handed. Which is odd because the majority of my other family members and most of my relatives are all right-handed. Not only that, but I have the strangest way of holding a writing utensil. Maybe I’ll post a picture of that later, because it’s just too difficult to try to describe. Certainly causes quite the stir whenever anyone takes notice, which actually sort of annoys me, but what are you going to do? A teacher actually once tried to force me to change how I held my pencil, but thank goodness that only lasted one class period (and there were tears involved).

~ Music is also my life. If I was forced to choose between being deaf and being blind, I’d choose being blind, because I would die if I could not hear music. I have very eclectic tastes in music, much like my dad. My method of buying CDs is schizophrenic at best, in that if it looks interesting, I will buy it. I can play flute, plink around on piano and/or keyboards, and I will be signing up for guitar lessons in the very near future. I probably do not sing correctly, but I sure as hell try; I know I can at least carry a tune. There are so many music-related stories to share with you, I can’t even begin to tell you any! So, that’s something to look forward to, I guess. On my old blog, I used to have a feature called ‘Tune for Tuesday,’ and I might bring that back for this blog, too.

~ I do not lie. Ever. I found out what a terrible liar I was back in third grade, and ever since then, I just don’t lie. It’s not worth the hassle or the guilt.

Now. Having said that….

~ ….In my junior year of high school, I was diagnosed with depression. Two years later, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Truth is, I have had depression and bipolar disorder for my whole entire life. (Hindsight is a wonderful thing.) While I am not necessarily proud of that fact, I do own it. It is a part of me – a big part of me – and I deal with it. But, from here on out, I will try not to mention it again, if that’s okay with you. Say it once, and I’m done. So I did.

So. Now you know a little more about me.

Nice to meet you. Hope I still see you around.


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