Gullible Girl?

So, I’m sitting here, ready to watch a movie that I have never seen before. It’s called “The Family Man,” and it stars Nicolas Cage, one of my most favorite actors ever.

I guess this post has to do with Mr. Cage.

I like to say this about myself: “For a pessimist, I’m pretty optimistic.”

There are a lot of ways to read into that, I suppose. (Which might be something of an understatement….)

But let’s take this tack for the time being.

Despite certain things, I was brought up to always believe the best about people. That all people are genuinely good unless they prove otherwise through their words and/or actions.

What does that say about me? Does that make me too trustworthy of people? Does that make me gullible? Blind to true personality?

Or would you consider that to be an asset, in that I refuse to judge someone until I get to know that person better?

But then, where does that leave Mr. Cage?

Most likely, I will never ever meet him. The films he’s made and the interviews he’s given are as well as I will ever get to know him. Certainly with his acting skills, he is always revealing a truth. And, in interviews, I believe him to be telling the honest truth. Because, you know, he said it. He wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t mean it.

Unfortunately, there is also the ubiquitous word-of-mouth from everyone else. And things have been happening to/with Mr. Cage lately and things have been said about Mr. Cage lately that are proving….difficult for me to ignore.

So, sure, my ‘image’ of him is probably a huge misconception. But there is also the whole notion that – surprise surprise – he is a human being, just like everyone else. And he’s bound to make mistakes, just like everyone else. And he should be given every opportunity to right any wrong he may make or encounter, just like everyone else.

And anything I feel for him, now and forever, has to include everything I know. Good or bad. I have to make room for it.

And I still feel for him. I still like him. I still think he’s somebody worthwhile, both as an actor and as a person.

Now, does all of that just make me a big dupe?


I get so sick and tired of thinking sometimes.


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