That’s it

I can’t do this anymore.

I can’t do this anymore.

I want to try.

I want to hope.

I want to believe.

But I just can’t.

I can’t do this anymore.

And I don’t think even the man I love would be enough, because he wouldn’t understand.

Neither would anyone else.

I’m sorry.


It’s that time again….

“Happy Age Advancement Day,” as Younger Brother told me over the phone this morning. (I actually had to have him repeat that, because I wasn’t fully awake.)

Yeah, ’tis my birthday today. Again.

I actually took the day off from work. No, not because it was my birthday; I usually never take my birthday off from work because my birthday, after all, is just another day. It was because I had an oddly timed dentist appointment, and I’d have to catch the bus to and from it, and the timing would not have been conducive to my going into work at all today.

So, ta da! I’m off!

I have a tradition going here on the blog, wherein I post the Binky birthday song.

So here it is again:

Makes me laugh every frickin’ time I hear it!

And, another tradition, for ready reference, here is the full cartoon in which it appeared. It’s called “Peace and Quiet.”


Happy birthday to me!

I’ll try to do better next post.


Christmas Eve 2017

Well, since we couldn’t play Cards Against Humanity earlier (owing to the fact that we had Answer cards but no Question cards, and we don’t know where the Question cards are), I’ll make do with something else that’s funny.

First of all, it snowed! When I woke up this morning and opened my curtains, I cheered because it was snowing.

Photo courtesy of Younger Brother:


It was only about two inches in total, but it’s going to be cold enough overnight that the snow will stick around for tomorrow. So we’ll have a white Christmas here in IA after all!

Younger Brother and Dad have been visiting from Georgia and Idaho, respectively. Dad unfortunately had to return to Idaho today, so we had a special Christmas Eve dinner early so he could join us before he left. I love my dad. It was great having him around.

Younger Brother leaves on Thursday, to head back to Georgia. It was also great having him around.

It was a really rough week last week. First with aunt Rose passing away from cancer, and then we had to put Jasper and Camille down. Yeah, it’s been rough. By the time it was quitting time at work for me on Friday afternoon, I was just done. I had nothing left. I literally had nothing left. I felt so low. I’ve had rough months before – namely September 2014 – but I’ve never had such a rough week before. At least with bad months, it’s a whole month. With a week, the grief was more compacted. It was really awful.

Did that make any sense? I hope it did.

Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve, and I thought I’d share a Funny with you, seeing as how I didn’t have a Friday Funny.

This is the “Ed, Edd, n Eddy” Christmas special, “Jingle Jingle Jangle.” There are many funny moments throughout this cartoon, but the best is seeing (and hearing) how Rolf celebrates Christmas. Makes me laugh every time.

Many thanks to Youtube user Cartoon Network Australia for the video!

And I also wanted to, once again, post my favorite Christmas song of all time. John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas (War Is Over).” I’ve posted before why it’s my favorite Christmas song of all time; go look it up.

If you can’t get the embedded MP3 to work, here’s a video version for you:

Have a great Christmas, all.

Friday Not Fun


Sure, Christmas is coming up on Monday.  That means a three-day weekend for me from work.

But in order to get there….

You remember my saying that last week Saturday, my aunt Rose passed away from stage 4 lung cancer.  And I felt so bad, because of my uncle Paul.  Rose was his rock.  He’s devastated.  I wish there was some way we could make it out to Utah, just to be there for him.

But we can’t.

Rather than have a funeral or a memorial service for Rose, Paul is going to organize a celebration of life, which will happen mid-January.  My dad will be going to it, and will take with him all of our love and best wishes to give to Paul.

I hate to say I hope that’s enough, because we probably could have done more.  But Dad said Paul completely understood that we couldn’t make it.  So maybe our love and best wishes will be enough.

All I know is, the next time I have the opportunity to see Paul in person, I’m going to give him a big hug.  

Wish the same could be said for….


This past Sunday night, I noticed Older Sister had been crying.

Jasper and Camille had both been ailing for some time.  Camille’s kidneys were failing and her thyroid was going crazy, while Jasper had neuropathy and basically could barely get up off the floor anymore.

According to my mom, something – and she wasn’t sure what – finally convinced Older Sister that it was time to let both Jasper and Camille go.


Mom called the vet on Monday morning.

Wednesday morning, Jasper and Camille made their final trip to the vet’s office.

I’ve been crying ever since.  No, seriously.

Mom, Older Sister, and Younger Brother were all present in the room when the vet administered the euthanasia to Camille and Jasper.  And Mom said it was a peaceful passing for both Camille and Jasper.

In fact, that’s the text I got from her at about 10:45 Wednesday morning:  “Jasper and Camille are now at peace.”

Been crying ever since.

They will be cremated, and their ashes put in one little urn/box together.  We are also going to get an impression of one paw cast from both of them and made into a little remembrance plaque.

They are at peace.  They are in no more pain.  As Older Sister so beautifully wrote:  “On the other side of that rainbow bridge is a wonderful place for them to run and play, happy and healthy.”  And they will live on forever in our hearts.

But it still hurts.  And I will miss them dearly.

Goodnight, sweet Camille and sweet Jasper.

And goodbye….


That’s what’s been going on.

Currently at work, counting down the hours and minutes until 4:30-ish, when I can get out of here, put this whole week behind me, and go home to a 3-day weekend.  Sorely needed.

Again, if I don’t post again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And, as always, I’ll try to do better next post.

Okay, just an update

Hi, again!

Sorry, it’s been almost two months again since I posted, and I know it, and I apologize!

But things have been somewhat hectic.

First of all – and you need to say this a la Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) from “The Incredibles” – we are now, officially, moved in!

Closing on the new house was the day after Thanksgiving, November 24th. We moved in piecemeal – first by emptying the Pod full of necessities like beds, dressers, sofas, chairs, etc., and then by making multiple, and I do mean multiple, trips to the two storage units we rented, and emptying those out. We emptied out the last of the storage units last week Sunday.

So, yes, we are now, officially, moved in!

Now we can take our time, unpacking, getting things set up as needed, and purging what we don’t need.

It is a bigger house than the one we were living in – 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an unfinished basement with lots of storage space, and an amazing backyard – but it’s going to be fine. It’s very sturdy, and it’s properly insulated, and everything works for the most part – we’re having some trouble with the dishwasher, as well as figuring out how the electrical wiring works. Because some switches control whole entire rooms. It’s pretty cool, though.

And, even though we’re living on a busier street than the one we used to live on, it’s actually very quiet. The noise of the traffic doesn’t even register with us….unless it’s an ambulance or police car or fire truck. You know.

Here’s what the exterior of the house looks like; photo courtesy of Youngest Brother:


So, yeah. We’re going to make wonderful memories in this house.

Second of all, my job.


When I initially moved back to Iowa in November 2016, I had hoped to be re-employed by the same company I’d been at when I left. I wasn’t at first. But then the temp agency got me back to the company.

The company has kept me on all this time. But what happened was I took on a different job within. It’s in the cash scanning office, and basically all I do all day is scan in checks and all their supporting documentation.

I started in the cash office in May. And it went swimmingly, though not without its share of frustrations, namely busy times. But I got into the swing of things, and it wasn’t a bother at all.

But then came October. The cash room supervisors met and came to the conclusion that the cash office workflow was declining. So they changed my hours.

And all hell has broken loose.

Long story short, I never thought I’d ever see the day where I would say I hate going to work.

Ta da! It’s happened!

And it’s a real shame, too, because this particular company is where I really wanted to be working at.

I called the temp agency I’ve been working with, and have asked them to find me a different job. I have yet to hear from them.

So. We’ll see.

I’m not a massage kind of girl. I just don’t like the idea of being touched by a stranger in such an intimate way, even though it’s meant to help. But I’d been having pain in my right shoulder for many months. And I would like to say it was because we were in the process of moving. But we had everything in storage and were just waiting for the real moving day, and that’s when the pain began. Certainly when we got to moving – namely loading my sister’s queen-sized mattress onto the Pod – that probably exacerbated the pain. I went to see the doctor about it, and the instant she touched my shoulder, she said, “You are so tight here!” So she ‘prescribed’ massage therapy. So I did that; Older Sister goes to a place that specializes in chiropractic healing as well as massage therapy, so I went there. It wasn’t unpleasant. I mean, I still wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but if the pain persists, sure, I would go back again. Just maybe not right away. Older Sister’s like “Convert!” No, I wouldn’t go that far.

As a family, we’ve seen our one movie for the year, and that was on Thanksgiving Day. We went to see “Coco.” It was awesome! Pixar just keeps making better and better movies. I thought it was a nice touch how, before the movie, some of the artists who worked on the movie explained what it took to make one of the more spectacular shots of the movie. And, for the record, I did not think the “Frozen” short film beforehand – “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” – was annoying or too long. I love all things “Frozen,” so I thought it was really cute and really sweet.

Younger Brother is here now, up from Georgia, visiting for Christmas. Dad will be here tomorrow, also to visit for Christmas. Just this past Thursday evening, Younger Brother, Older Sister, Older Sister’s friend Christina and Christina’s husband Cory, and I went to see the new “Star Wars” movie.


The only other thing I can say is….just wait until the next one.

On a sad note, Older Sister woke me up this morning with the awful news that my aunt Rose passed away early this morning from stage 4 lung cancer. I cried, because she was uncle Paul’s wife, and he loved her so much. I wish there was some way we could get out there to be there for uncle Paul (Paul lives in Utah), but unfortunately we can’t. So I sent him a message via Facebook saying how much we loved him, and that we were all here for him.

*SIGH* Life sucks sometimes, and cancer sucks big time.

I know Rose isn’t in any more pain, which is just a small comfort. I just feel so bad for uncle Paul, because he loved her so much.


Well, that’s what’s been going on in the world of Mouse.

If I don’t post beforehand, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ll try to do better next post.

The last move

So, remember in the last post, I mentioned we were in the process of selling our house?

I honestly don’t know how long Mom and Older Sister were planning on doing so, but all of this started right after 4th of July. That’s when we listed our house on the market. And ever since then, we’ve seen at least two dozen houses, and as for our house, we’ve had well over 40 showings, and at least 5 open houses.

Yeah. That’s a lot.

We put in offers on three different houses, with a 24-hour contingency on each offer. What that means is, if the buyer(s) got a better offer than ours, then they would give us 24 hours notice, and that meant that we either had to have a buyer for our house (releasing us from the contingency) or else we had to walk away from the house we wanted to buy. And that happened three times. Three times, we were outbid.


Now, the particular house we have an offer on now is about five minutes from where we’re currently living, on one of the busier streets in the area, but still in the location we wanted, because we’re used to this location. I won’t get into the drama about the orangeburg piping on this house, because it is going to be fixed (but, boy, what a story; it’s illegal, too, what they did!).

I think in the last post, I had told you we had an offer on our house, and that offer was also contingent upon him selling his house.

So it was a vicious cycle – in order for us to get the new house, we had to sell our house first, and in order for the potential buyer to get our house, he had to sell his house first.

Well, last weekend, on Saturday, we had three more showings, all of which happened in the morning (yeah, so from 8:30 to 1:30, we were out of the house, and I won’t get into the drama involving our pets; again, what a story!).

And, last weekend, on Saturday, we got another offer on our house.

A better offer than the one we currently had. And – get this – absolutely no contingencies whatsoever.

So we had to give the first potential buyer 24 hours notice, as he had the 24-hour contingency in place.

Citing financial reasons (I believe for medical bills), he could not release the contingency. He wanted to make sure he had a buyer for his house in place.

So we accepted the other offer, and released our contingency for the house we have the offer on.

So, guess what?



My family and I are experts at moving – we did it a lot when I was younger. So there will be headaches and temper tantrums and quite possibly pulled muscles to come.

But this is our last move. Period.

Here’s the best part (sarcasm): the closing for our house (from us as sellers to the new buyer) is going to be on November 22nd.

The closing for the house we’re going to move in to is going to be on November 24th.

Yup. Thanksgiving breaks it up.

So that means all six of our pets will be boarded at the vet’s office. And that means my family and I will be spending Thanksgiving in a hotel.

Yeah. That’s never happened before.

*SIGH* Gonna be interesting.

But I shall miss our old house. Our 13 year anniversary in this house would have been in January. And we did a lot of updates to it in these past few months, to get it ready to sell.

Here you go – one last look at the soon-to-be old house:

8 1031

It was a good little house. It really was.

I’m back!

Hi, everyone!

I know, I know, it’s been months since I posted last.

Since Easter!!! Holy cow!

Well, let me see if I can give you a quick run-down of what’s happened since then.

The rest of April was fine, as far as I can remember. The job and the story were my big points of focus.

At the job – when last I left you, we had a May 1st deadline to get all the paperwork scanned in. Well, more of the ladies on the team joined me in my scanning efforts, so, between the six to eight of us, we got the job done by May 1st.

On May 8th, I started a new position within the company, as a scanner in the cash scanning office. And I’ve been there ever since. It’s frustrating at times, especially when things get really busy, but I really do like it. It keeps me busy.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Mom, Youngest Brother, and I went to visit family in IL. Where I was distraught to learn that, oh my god, they took down Mrs. Taylor’s old, long-standing wrought-iron fence! I was gutted! That fence was a landmark in town, and it was one of my and Gina’s more somber moments in our lives. I was so upset.

During that same weekend, the high school opened its doors one last time for one last tour before they were going to tear it down. My mom and all her siblings attended and graduated from that high school. But, right at this moment, the town has a brand new high school. But it was really amazing to see the old high school where my mom and aunts and uncles went to school. Mom knew most of the rooms, and even some of her old teachers were there to help with the tour. It was really cool.

June – I don’t remember much that happened during the month of June. It was just the start of summer.

July – I got a 4 tb external hard drive for my new laptop, and had a scare with it. For whatever reason, I could not access it anymore. I was freaking out, because I’d already transferred everything onto it – my music, my photos, my videos, my writing!! I was so depressed. But it turned out, all I needed to do was update my USB drivers.

In July, the world lost a great musician, Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington, to suicide. That one hurt more than losing Chris Cornell earlier in the year.

Also in late July, Younger Brother visited for a couple weeks from Georgia. It was great to see him again, and to hang out with him again. We went to a baseball game, and it was tons of fun.

August – not much happened in August. Same old, same old.

September – Over Labor Day weekend, the whole family (myself, Mom, Dad, Older Sister, Younger Brother, and Youngest Brother) all met up and went up to Chicago to watch a Chicago Cubs game. It was AMAZING! We were seated along the third base line. Rene Rivera hit a grand slam, and Gary Sinise led everyone in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch.

Mid-month, my tendonitis flared up again. This was the worst it’s ever felt. All my wrist braces were in storage (more on this in a bit), so I had to go out and buy another one, which helped immensely. After about two and a half weeks, the pain went away. So I’m brace-less now, but I think perhaps today, it flared up a little bit, so I’ll probably have to wear the brace again at least for tomorrow.

October – I’ve been to Las Vegas. I’ve visited the Mandalay Bay Hotel. So the massacre in Las Vegas really hit me hard, too. And Keith Olbermann had a chilling factoid in a video he put out about it – the Las Vegas massacre was the 272nd mass shooting in the US in 274 days. That’s almost one mass shooting a day all year! The shooter was a domestic terrorist. He was! Call it like it is!

I just….I don’t know.

*quiet for a long time*

But the biggest thing that’s happened since Easter was….we’ve been trying to sell our house.


At present, we have put an offer on a house about five minutes from our current house, and the offer was accepted. And we have an offer on our current house, which has been accepted.

Here’s where it gets all haywire.

The house we might be moving into has orangeburg piping. And the current homeowners knew that, but put ‘no’ on the disclosure form when asked if there was any orangeburg. Plus, they had gotten a letter from the city back in August 2016 saying that they had orangeburg piping, and that it needed to be remedied before any repairs could be done on the street outside the house. So. The current homeowners are on the hook to get the orangeburg fixed before we move inn.

If we move in.

Here’s the other rub – the prospective buyers of our house put a contingency in place that they had to sell their house first before they would be fully committed to buying our house. But their house is half the size of our house – only about 645 square feet; it’s a two bedroom, one bathroom house. And they are asking about $100,000 for it. Whereas we are only asking about $120,000 for our house.


So, the prospective buyers have until October 31st to sell their house. If they do not sell their house, they either have to remove the contingency from their offer, or else we’re walking away. From everything. We will not be buying the house we have an offer on, the prospective buyers will lose our house, and we will be taking our house off the market and will not be moving, period.

Reality has sunk in pretty quick that, most likely, we will not be moving.

So. Ta da! Most likely, we’re staying in this house!

So that’s what’s been going on with life in general.

Story-wise, there’s been a lot going on. More songs to the soundtrack, more scene ideas, more characters. And there is going to be a sequel. Yes, you heard that right – there is going to be a sequel!

So. There you go.

I will try to keep up with blog posts from now on; not leave you hanging for so long.

I’ll try to do better next post!