Friday Texas Funny

As you might know, Johnny is temporarily in Texas, on a nursing assignment.

So Texas is on my mind. *SIGH*

Not like this, though. I’d NEVER make fun of people or plants or stars at night or shoes from Texas.

But you’ll understand why they did it in the cartoon.

You need to click the link to watch the video, but it’s well worth the click.

Spongebob Squarepants – Texas

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!

As reliable as Groundhog Day

(Can’t take credit for post title – saw a tweet that essentially said the same thing, and thought it too good to pass up.)

Apparently, some Democratic caucus results in Iowa yesterday were too close to call, so the victor was ultimately decided by….

….a coin toss.

Yup, you heard that right. A good old-fashioned coin toss.

Imagine if everything were that simple.

I kinda can’t.

I mean, I don’t know if the coin toss stories are true, but I guess it’s possible.

50/50 chance.

Same as with Groundhog Day.

By the way, Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil is predicting an early spring this year. (I’ll believe that when it happens.)

Oh, and if you must know, Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Ted Cruz (Republican) won the caucuses in Iowa.


It’s only 9, 10 months til November….

(I normally don’t post about politics, but I felt I should weigh in on this, only because it’s been the top news for the past….oh, I don’t know. Years?!?)

As you may all well be aware, Iowa is the in midst of a storm.

A political storm, if you will.

That’s right. The caucuses are today, right here in Iowa. We are the first in the nation to cast any kind of vote for the next President of the United States. (I mean, it’s not a guaranteed win, but it’s a good litmus test, as it were.)


I don’t caucus. Call me irresponsible or unpatriotic or lazy or whatever you want. I don’t care.

First of all, I don’t have to caucus. It’s within my right to refrain from doing so.

Second, I don’t want to, because with a caucus you have to declare yourself to a party. I would much rather remain unaffiliated, free to make my own choice, not to be bound by any party restraints.

That’s right, Ben Lange – no party owns me. (FYI, Ben Lange was a Republican through and through, no matter what he said.)

I don’t know about this whole process this year. I mean, I don’t know who to vote for. Or if I’ll even vote in the first place.

Seems to me it’ll be less about voting for the best candidate, and more about voting for someone just to keep someone else out of office. You know?

It’s like….okay, if it came down to, say, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. I don’t feel either one of them is competent enough to run the country. But I’d probably vote for Bernie Sanders just so Ted Cruz doesn’t get the keys to the country. You know?

It’s a cryin’ shame, it is.

This is why I hate politics so much. They’re all stuffed-shirt blowhards who only care about money and their own political gain. They don’t care about their constituents. Not a stitch.

Mom says the two-party system has outlived its usefulness, and that the country need a better political system in place.

As to what that solution could be, no one has any idea. Good indication that it’s probably not going to happen in my lifetime, or anyone else’s.

Oh well. I have until November to decide what to do.



That long?!?

*SIGH* But I’m so sick of it all already….


Friday Pink Phink Funny

Because I was looking for a Funny, and had forgotten all about the Pink Panther.

As a child, I found these cartoons really creepy, probably just because of the music, and the fact that there was never any dialogue. Now, I love them, and I have them all on DVD. (Thank you, uncle John.)

This is the very first Pink Panther cartoon, titled “The Pink Phink.” (Many thanks to Youtube user Max Stratos for the video.)

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!

Tune for Tuesday – Neko Case, “John Saw That Number”

I don’t know why, but I’ve been singing this song to myself for the past couple days. That’s as good a sign as any that I should make it today’s Tune for Tuesday.

Okay, so I gather from reading reviews of this song that there’s a lot wrong with it, in terms of historical or biblical proportions. I wouldn’t know, because I don’t have the Bible memorized (never have, just so you know). But I can forgive her, because it’s a great song! Great to crank up the volume and sing along to real loud! Which is what I do.

From her 2006 album “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood,” this is Neko Case with “John Saw That Number.”

Happy listening!


It’s not mumps!

The test results came in, and I do not have mumps.  It’s just an infection of some kind.  So now I’m on antibiotics for it.  It’s going to get better.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Friday Triple Dent Gum Funny

Since I’m still laid up with potential mumps (yup, no test results yet; I’ll keep you posted), I had to poll Youngest Brother about what to post as a Funny this week.

He suggested this.

So, you know, do not blame me. :)

From the movie “Inside Out,” this is all the Triple Dent Gum scenes. Many thanks to Youtube user iMovies for the video.

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!