Uncharted waters

So I’ve gone and done the unthinkable.

(Well, if you know me, it’s unthinkable.)

I’ve gone and decided to try….

….online dating.

Yeah. I know. Surprised me, too.

Well, I do know for a fact that it works. Lots of people do it nowadays, and in fact, my uncle met my aunt that way, and they’ve been married about 6 years now.

So. I’m giving it a try.

I’ve conversed with a couple guys so far. Could have gone better, I think. Drat my shyness.

Dr. S thinks this is a good step to take.

Time will tell.

Do know that I will be careful. No fear.

Found via Google search for 'online dating'

Found via Google search for ‘online dating’

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First snow!

Yeah, we didn’t have much of a fall season this year. Went straight from summer to winter.

In a big way….





We got about two inches of snow, which, while early, was something to celebrate. At least to me. I love winter. The season of the small and meek, I always say.

I know, I’m weird.

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how and who

I found this via a friend’s Facebook page.

I thought it rang true.

Because, really, it would work to say “who I am” as well as “how I am.”

And, you know, that’s what it’s been all about.

Just wanted to share.


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Digital applause to Keira Knightley

Sending a round of digital applause to Keira Knightley, for her decision to pose topless in protest of Photoshop. (Fair warning: if you click the link, the Picture In Question is RIGHT THERE. Just an FYI.)

I’ve admired Keira Knightley since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies came out, and have since seen and bought several of her movies. I think she’s phenomenal. She seems like someone who I would love to be friends with; I’ve always felt that way. So for her to speak out like she did….I think it’s something of a triumph for all women, because Miss Knightley is sticking up for all women everywhere.

(This is coming from someone who would probably break Photoshop, by the way. Just sayin’.)

So, congratulations to Keira Knightley.

And *shrug* that’s it.

Sorry this was so brief and uninformative. Just felt like mentioning it all, before I forgot.

I also tried to find a perfect applauding GIF to accompany this post, but that didn’t happen.

I’ll try to do better next post.

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Spoke too soon?


My current word count for NaNoWriMo.

I’m halfway there already. 25,290 words thus far.

That was on November 4th.

It’s only November 7th.

Wow. Could’ve fooled me.

Although most of this I wrote back in September, before my depressed streak. So I don’t know if it counts, per se. I mean, I guess it would, because I’ve made some of it new.

I suppose that was another symptom – all the writing I did in the days leading up to my depressed streak. But I digress.

Well, I suppose I should try to tap into that energy anyway, for the remaining half of the word count.

Regardless, I will get it done. I’m not going to rest on my laurels. I really want to write this story.

Once again renewing my buddy request. If you head over to the NaNoWriMo site, I am user angelgal1598. Just add me! Please?!? This is my icon, if you’re unsure:


I’ll see you there!

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Already with the NaNo blues, and some tidbits


So, it’s now November.

First day of NaNoWriMo.


It’s not that I’m not going to do it this year. Because I am.

I’m working on the same story from last year, Cherchez La Femme. That gives me a leg up, as I had half the word count last year (25,000 words). Only I’m not going to cheat and use what I wrote last year to pad my word count. I have some new ideas.

But after this past September, when during that whole month I was severely depressed, something happened to my writing. I mean, I was writing up to and including the day I fell, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what happened, but something happened. Something.

It’s not that I can’t bring myself to write. I’m not afraid to do it. I’m not being lazy or procrastinating.

It’s just….something’s different. About everything, including writing.

Currently, nothing is coming.

Well, it’s only Day One.

Maybe it’ll happen.

Anybody want to be writing buddies on NaNoWriMo? Oh please, please, please, please, please?!? Just look for angelgal1598 on the official NaNoWriMo site. That’s me. Let me know who you are, and I’ll gladly add you.



~ Guitar is really coming along. My assignment for this past week was The Beatles’ song “I Will.” It was mostly barre chords, and it was somewhat difficult. I can’t play it up to speed with the recording, not by a long shot, but it was still a good song to play along with. My barre chords are getting better. That’s a good thing, yes? My assignment for this week is to play Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

~ Older Sister is officially all moved in. Well, she wanted to get moved in before it got all cold and snowy. Her house hasn’t sold yet, but it will.

~ The pets are getting along surprisingly well for the most part. I mean, there have been little territorial spats between the cats, but nothing serious. No bloodshed. Thank goodness. Nuala seems to be more tolerable of Teag than she is of Camille. Can’t figure that one out. And Teag and Muirne get along great; I think Muirne thinks Teag is a puppy. And Camille has discovered Little Blue, and she is fascinated by him. Youngest Brother said one day, Camille and Little Blue had a two-hour stare-off. No joke. So it’s been interesting, to say the least.

~ And can I just say? Thank god elections are almost over! I am so sick of it all. That’s all I want to say about that, really. I tend not to get involved or immersed in politics. Politics = pointless, in my opinion. I’m not affiliated with either party so, Ben Lange, I can safely say ‘no party owns me.’ The two-party system doesn’t work anymore, anyway, hasn’t for years. And does anybody else in Iowa get the sense that Joni Ernst feels she is entitled to the role of US Senator just because she served in the military? Yeah, I’m really sick of that slant in her campaign. Oops, sorry, said too much.

~ On Monday afternoon, I have appointments with Doctor and Dr. S. Yeah, my appointment with Doctor is at 2:00 and my appointment with Dr. S at 4:00. Thank goodness they’re both based in the same building. I’ll only have to wait an hour in between appointments. Funny how that works, huh?

Overall, things are on the up and up. Hopefully they stay that way.

It’s funny. Older Sister told me to promise her I wouldn’t be that depressed again. Well, that’s something I can’t promise. I have it under control now, what with my meds, and I’ll be seeing Dr. S again. But a relapse is something I can’t control. I tried to head it off last time, but nothing worked, and I fell anyway.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll work on it. Be more vigilant about my moods, I guess.

I’ll see you later. And I’ll try to do better the next post.

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Friday Halloween Funny

Today’s Funny is one of my favorite Halloween themed cartoon shows ever. It’s called “Witch’s Night Out.” It was made in the late 70′s, and features Gilda Radner as the voice of the Norma Desmond-ish “washed up” witch. Catherine O’Hara is also featured as the voice of Malicious.

Disney Channel used to show this for years back when I was little, and I watched it each and every time it was on, each and every year. (Might date me a little, but I don’t care.) In fact, the year Disney stopped showing this is the year I stopped going trick-or-treating. The magic was gone.

This is available on DVD now, according to Amazon.com. And Walmart; only I looked at Walmart and I couldn’t find it. So. I have it on VHS, which’ll have to do right now. Took me years to find it.

It was worth it. Because I love this show.

Many thanks to Youtube user donald haney for the video. Watch it while you can, before it’s pulled.

Enjoy! Happy Friday! And Happy Halloween!

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